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Founded in 1987 in Switzerland, the Tramac SA is striving for a revolution in global currency and Blockchainsolutions. With Giracoin, we have launched a new cryptocurrency and Blockchain on the market, that is accessible for every person in the world through its innovative mining process.

Giracoin is independent from the state banking system and works locally and transparently on the basis of universally recognized block chain technology.


Giracoin - Swiss Cryptocurrency

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The Blockchain solutions enables fast and cost-effective implementations of blockchain-based ecosystems in which the challenges in terms of technology, security and operations are solved.

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Take the advantage of Giracoins Blockchain Securitry and be part of a success story

a complete blockchain ecosystem from a single source

Swiss Alps Mining

the basis of every blockchain is mining.
Tramac has Swiss Alps Mining to ensure decentralised distribution of the giracoin blockchain. the decentralised mining cubes from swiss alps mining in the swiss alps guarantee a fail-safe decentralised system at all times.


Giracoin Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain

To meet the requirements of modern business-critical applications, Giracoin Blockchain has been designed as a modular blockchain focused on industry and goverment use cases, thereby extending the work of the pioneers in the field. Fabric has a broad understanding of consensus that allows multiple approaches.

”Hyperledger saves computation cycles, scales well, and responds to the multitude of industrial use case requirements by providing a secure, robust model for identity, auditability and privacy.”


Swiss Technolgy for the World

Blockchain Development

Blockchain-specific Developing and maintaining decentralized & private applications. Supervising and planning blockchain projects. Advising companies and Governments on how to use and implement Blockchain in Daily Business as a real use case



Legal and approved by Swiss Authorities with a Federal Supreme Court decision.

Giracoin is using a Networkmarketing for the Presale instead of a ICO or IEO

the Giracoin Networkmarkting where controlled trough swiss authorites and confirmed as legal

It is very clear to us that network marketing is often referred as scam. however, LEGAL network marketing has great advantages especially for blockchain projects as it is rapidly expanding worldwide. Since the beginning of Giracoin network marketing, Giracoin has placed the highest value on legality, and this work has ended in May 2019 in a great success, when the swiss federal supreme court has the Giracoin Networkmarketing as legally confirmed. You can choose between different Mining Packages:



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